Colombia holds a great historic and artistic heritage preserved and promoted by a large network of museums, which house the legacy of pre-Columbian cultures, as well as the works of outstanding Colombian and international artists.

Colombian plastic arts have been gaining international recognition due to their constant evolution and innovative technique and aesthetics. This is exemplified in the work of artists such as Fernando Botero, Alejandro Obregón, Enrique Grau, Omar Rayo, Doris Salcedo, among others.

The performing arts and visual arts in Colombia have greatly developed in the last few decades. Theater groups and artists specializing in performance and installations are participating every year in festivals, conferences and national and international tours. Meanwhile, the film industry is boosting and every year more films are produced.

Colombian literature is known worldwide due in large part to the great success of Nobel Prize of Literature winner Gabriel García Márquez. However, its development continues thanks to the celebration of several literary festivals in Colombia's main cities.

Music and dance are essential parts of daily Colombian life. Rhythms such as cumbia, vallenato, pasillo and currulao are the result of the fusion of African, Native American and European elements.

To enjoy these arts, our country has numerous venues of great architectural beauty with the appropriate accommodations to enjoy expositions, concerts, recitals and plays, among many other events.