Escuela de Ingeniería de Antioquia (EIA)

Spanish for Foreigners

Program description:
The Spanish for Foreigners Program offered by EIA and CES is a setting so that visitors or residents of other countries can become familiar with and learn Spanish in an immersion context. Participants in the Program will develop diverse communicative competencies based on the Common European Framework of Reference for languages which can be practiced naturally with native speakers in diverse situations.
Program aimed at: This program is aimed at persons above 17 years old, visitors or residents of other countries whose native language is not Spanish and who wish to develop communication skills in Spanish.
Levels: 4 levels 12 courses
• Level A1: courses 1 and 2
• Level A2: courses 3 and 4
• Level B1: courses 5, 6, 7 and 8
Level B2: courses 9, 10, 11 and 12
Hourly intensity: 38 hours per course
Associated services: Students have the option of a conversation partner to practice Spanish outside the classroom. As well, students may participate without cost in available ESE classes that are taught in Spanish including history and art. Students have access to the sports facilities in the Las Palmas campus (tennis, rugby, soccer).
Requirements for registration: Foreigners wishing to enter the Spanish program or any other course at the University must:
1. If in Colombia: Deliver copy of passport and international health insurance, enroll and make payment.
From outside Colombia: Enroll and make payment; the University will then send acceptance notice to the student to begin the visa process.
Cost per level or course: Cost for each 38-hour course: 785.000 Colombian pesos
• Option 1 (to complete Level A1): 2-month course, two hours daily for 8 weeks- 1'570.000 Colombian pesos
• Option 2 (to complete Level A2): 2 1/2-month course, 4hours daily for 12 weeks- 3'925.000 Colombian pesos
• Option 3 (to complete Level A2): 5-month course, 2hours daily for 20 weeks- 3'925.000 Colombian pesos
Option 4 (to complete Level B2): 5 1/2-month course, 4hours daily for 22 weeks- 8'635.000 Colombian pesos
Contact: Johan Ocampo

Phone: (57-4) 354 9090 Ext. 104
Address: Calle 25 Sur 42-73 Zúñiga, Envigado
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners