Universidad Simón Bolívar

Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE)

Program description:
The Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language Program seeks to create significant learning environments and opportunities for the development of communicative skills in Spanish.
Program aimed at: Students, professionals, foreign teachers of Spanish as a second language and those who wish to learn or improve their Spanish
Levels: The program offers regular, intensive and immersion courses. The regular courses are Basic (A1), Intermediate I (A2), Intermediate II (B1) and Advanced (B2), corresponding to the CEFR.
Hourly intensity: The regular courses are 4 hours per week, the intensive are 4 hours per day and the immersion 6hours per day.
Associated services: Support for student (Godparent Plan) in the different programs of the University to reinforce communicative skills, library access, multimedia laboratory, sports center, Wi-Fi and student welfare services.
Requirements for registration: Online registration, payment, Foreigners ID, international medical insurance and valid visa and passport. As well, taking the classification exam. If not, the student will automatically begin in A1.
Cost per level or course: -
Contact: Luis Gabriel Torres Rincón(Spanish as a Foreign language Coordinator)
Email: ltorres39@unisimonbolivar.edu.co; spanishprogram@unisimonbolivar.edu.co
Phone: (57-5) 344 4333 Ext. 168
Address: Sede 3 59 # 59-92
Web page: Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE)