Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Sede Cali

Functional Spanish for Foreigners (EFE)

Program description:
The Functional Spanish for Foreigners Program aims at giving non-Spanish speakers proficiency in language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking within a cultural and linguistic Colombian framework. The program emphasizes day to day situations through exercises and activities which use the language as a functional method of communication. Our program includes cultural trips and activities that have academic and pedagogical objectives. Our teaching has a communicative focus, thus the course offers different activities which will help develop our students’ communication skills, and give them the opportunity to interact with Colombian people in real situations.
Program aimed at: 1) Foreigners who are working in Colombia. 2) People who come to study Spanish; 3) Students who are in an exchange Program at the Javeriana; 4) Managers and employees of multinational companies that operate in the city; and 5) Teachers, principals and students of American Jesuit Universities who have agreements with our university.
Levels: 3: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced: two stages each one (A - B)
Hourly intensity: 64 hours per level, 2 months per level, 2 hours daily (2 or 4 days per week).
Associated services: Students can enjoy shows, special events, art exhibits, and a video club. They may also register in all the workshops which are offered in the Cultural and Sports Centers of the Javeriana University. Among these are painting, ceramics, silver and gold work, batik, glass, and so on. There is also a gym for students, and classes are directed by experienced instructors. All workshops and sport activities are available at no additional cost. Students staying four or more months are invited to join any of the university sports teams, the university choir and/or the various theatre, dance and music groups. They receive a certificate at the end of the course.
Requirements for registration: - placement test or previous level certification
- student visa
- health insurance
- photocopy of health insurance guide
Cost per level or course: ESTIMATED FEES IN COLOMBIAN PESOS FOR 2014:
2 or more students: $50.500 (Cost per hour of class according to number of students). $3.232.000 (Tuition per level)
1 Student: $81.500, (Cost per hour of class according to number of students). $5.216.000, (Tuition per level).
Contact: María Consuelo Martínez, Departamento de Comunicación y Lenguaje
Email: mmartine@javerianacali.edu.co
Phone: (57) (2) 321 82 00Ext.: 8344
Address: Calle 18 No. 118-250 Cali-Colombia