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Program description:
Our program Spanish for Foreigners is aimed at people who visit Colombia to learn Spanish, and the purpose consists in providing, from an interdisciplinary perspective, certain categories of pragmatic linguistics and the learning, practicing and development of Spanish as a second language.
Program aimed at: People who live in foreign countries and are interested in learning English as a second language.
Levels: LEVEL A: Introduction to Spanish
A1: Initial basic level: Module 1 y 2
A2: Second basic level: Module 3 y 4

LEVEL B: Intermediate Study of Spanish
B1: Initial intermediate level: Module 5 y 6
B2: Advanced intermediate level: Module 7 y 8
Hourly intensity: 40 hours per module
Associated services: People who register for this course will have access to the sports facilities at the University of Medellin , several academic activities, and work material.
Requirements for registration: Students will be interviewed in order to determine their level of Spanish.
Cost per level or course: Cost of module:
• One student: $2’000.000. COP
• A group of two students: $1’400.000 c/u. COP
• A group of three students or more: $900.000 c/u. COP
Contact: Édgar Ospina - ChiefLanguage Center
Email: eospina@udem.edu.co
Phone: (57-4) 3405257 - 3405258
Address: Carrera 87 # 30-65 Belén los Alpes
Web page: Spanishprogramfor foreigners -pex-