Universidad EAN

Spanish for Foreigners

Program description:
This program looks to develop reading comprehension, listening, speaking and writing skills for non-Spanish speakers. Applicants will be able to improve their level of Spanish, have access to the culture, acquire technical vocabulary and familiarize with the use of the language in order to interact successfully in the Colombian business world.
Program aimed at: Foreigners: Business people, students, diplomats and any executive who wants to improve his or her business communication skills and other skills in Spanish
Levels: General Spanish Courses (A1, A2, B1 & B2)
Business Spanish Courses
Personalized Spanish Courses
Undergraduate & Postgraduate Study Units
Hourly intensity: 40 hours per module

Associated services: - Agreement with the Travel Agency Aviatur, lodging services and tourist departures
- Cultural and Extracurricular Activities
Requirements for registration: - Visa or Permission of Residence
- Valid Passport
- Medical Insurance
Cost per level or course: Group Courses (5-15 people): COP 1’000,000 (USD 400) per module
Smaller groups (2-4 people): COP 1'400.000 (USD 560) per module
Personalized Courses: COP $95,000 (USD $40) per hour
Contact: Vice Presidency of Outreach, Continuing Education
Email: spanishforforeigners@ean.edu.co / jsarroyave@ean.edu.co
Phone: +57 (1) 593 64 64 Ext: 1253
Address: Calle 71 # 9-84 / Carrera 11 # 78-47
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners