Universidad Externado de Colombia

Spanish for Foreigners Center (CEPEX)

Program description:
CEPEX welcomes foreigners residing in Colombia who wish to learn and/or improve their Spanish and/or knowledge of Latin American culture.
Program aimed at: The general public wishing to learn and/or improve their Spanish. Children, adolescents, adults. Exchange students and the general public.
Levels: • • Basic 1 and 2 (A1, A2).
• Intermediate 1 and 2 (B1, B2).
• Advanced 1 and 2 (C1, C2).
• Each level consists of 72 hours of conversation and writing.
Hourly intensity: Twelve hours per week, Monday through Thursday. Hours and intensity may vary according to the student’s needs.
Associated services: CEPEX offers various options: Intensive and semi-intensive courses, group and individual, as well as the possibility to participate in classes and seminars of the Department. The advantages of the program include small groups, topic flexibility and full 60-minute classes.
Requirements for registration: Completed registration form; valid Colombian visa; receipt for payment of course fee
Cost per level or course: 2,053,000 Colombian pesos (per 72 hour level) prices 2013
Contact: Liliana Rojas (CEPEX Coordinator)
Email: cepex@uexternado.edu.co
Phone: (57-1) 3419900 and 3420288 Ext. 1228 and 1221, Cell: (57- 316) 4719500
Address: Carrera 1ª # 12-53 (Calle Las Mandolinas)
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners Center (CEPEX)