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Spanish for Foreigners - ESPEX

Program description:
The main objective of the ESPEX Program is that the student reaches a C1 competence level, acquiring the skills necessary to communicate effectively with a broad linguistic repertoire in any Spanish speaking country in daily contexts. This is the reason for our motto: “Spanish for international communication”.
Program aimed at: Foreigners who want to develop or improve their ability to communicate in a correctand efficient manner in the Spanish language.
Levels: The program comprises 5 levels: Beginner, High beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficient corresponding to the CEFR* reference levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1. Each level includes time with a teacher, academic tutoring with a monitor and independent work.
Hourly intensity: The program is offered in two intensities: 10 hours per week (semi-intensive) and 20 hours per week (intensive).
Total number of hours = 460, distributed like this: A1 = 40 hours, A2 = 80 hours, B1 = 100 hours, B2 = 120 hours, C1 = 120 hours.
Associated services: The following additional activities are offered:
- Housing and visas: we provide orientation and assistance, as needed.
- Academic tutoring (extra help with Spanish): you may be assigned a tutor to help you with your Spanish in case of difficulties or special needs (available ONLY to those enrolled in the program).
- Auditing regular classes: possibility of sitting in at least one of the courses from the Basic Study Cycle or the Center for the Humanities (available ONLY to those enrolled in the program).
- Language exchange: exchange your language with a Colombian student in campus (available ONLY to those enrolled in the program).
- Clubs and workshops: we offer Conversation, Grammar, and Culture clubs (Open to all!).
- Extracurricular activities: outings to museums and places of interest in and around Medellín; musical and sports events; and more!
Requirements for registration: - If you are reading this from abroad:
If you are planning to enroll for less than 6 months, you must enter the country on a PIP-2 status. In order to get it, you must show the Migración Colombia officers upon arrival an invitation letter from our school. You will be granted 90 days upon entry, which you can extend to a maximum of another 90 days. To prepare the letter, please send the coordinator a copy of your passport.
For longer stays, you should apply for a TP-3 (student) visa prior to your coming to Colombia. Contact the coordinator for further assistance.

- If you are already in Colombia:
You probably entered the country on a PIP-5 status (former TU or tourist status). If so, it must be changed into the PTP-2 status. To do so, you must go to the Migración Colombia main office in Medellín (Calle 19 No.80A-40). The coordinator will prepare an invitation letter to the program and will explain the process in detail.
If you have any other type of visa, contact the coordinator to analyze your particular situation.
Cost per level or course: Our fees vary depending on the type of class you take (the minimum number of hours required for registration is 20):
- Group class (3 to 10 sts): 22,000 COP per hour; 20 hours (ref.): 440,000 COP
- Semi-private class (2 sts): 33,000 COP per hour; 20 hours (ref.): 660,000 COP
- Private class: 55,000 COP per hour; 20 hours (ref.): 1,100,000 COP
For payments of up to 120 hours or more, a 10% discount will be applied.
Contact: Gustavo Jaramillo Cardona
Email: gustavo.jaramillo@upb.edu.co
Phone: (57 4) 354 4564 Ext. 12006
Address: Circular 1a #70 - 01, Building 9, office 217
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners - ESPEX