Universidad Sergio Arboleda

Spanish for Foreigners

Program description:
The Language Center of the Universidad Sergio Arboleda offers Spanish courses for groups of mostly 11 students. The clases are two hours per day, from Monday through Friday, at the following time intervals: 8-10 am, 10-12 m, 2-4 pm and 4-6 pm. The courses include field trips to cultural sites of interest and exchange with our Santa Marta campus.
Program aimed at: The Spanish for Foreigners courses are aimed at foreigners who wish to learn Spanish as a foreign language.
Levels: We offer six levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference as follows:
Basic Level (A1) duration: 120 hours
Basic Level (A2) duration: 120 hours
Intermediate level (B1) duration: 160 hours
intermediate level (B2) duration: 160 hours
Advanced level (C1) duration: 200 hours
Advanced level (C2) duration: 200 hours.

Hourly intensity: Basic Level (A1): 120 hours (3 cycles)
Basic level (A2): 120 hours (3 cycles)
Intermediate level (B1): 160 hours (4 cycles)
Intermediate level (B2):160 horas (4 cycles)
Advanced level: (C1) 200 hours (5 cycles)
Advanced level: (C2) 200 hours (5 cicles)
Associated services: Participation in student welfare activities including yoga, pilates, capoeira, salsa, painting, guitar, photography, dance therapy, hiking and others.
Requirements for registration: Completed registration form, valid student visa, valid health insurance and classification exam (unless student wishes to start in basic level).
Cost per level or course: REGULAR COURSES
These courses begin in specific dates. Check our link to know our enrollment dates.
Old students
$480.000 (40 hours)*
New students
$600.000 (40 hours)* (Ask to get a 25% discount)
*These prices include the book price.

These are personalized classes for groups with specific needs. They are open every Monday
Number of students Price per hour
1 $70.000
2 $80.000
3 $90.000
4 $100.000
5 $110.000
6 or more $115.000

Contact: Jorge Cardoza (Spanish for foreigners Coordinator)
Email: jorge.cardoza@usa.edu.co - centro.idiomas@usa.edu.co
Phone: (57-1) 3257500 Extensions. 2541-2542-2544-2548
Address: Carrera 13 No. 75-75
Web page: Spanish for Foreigners