What you have to do?



To study in Colombia you must get a temporary student visa, which you can apply for in any of the consulates Colombia has throughout the world. This visa is valid for one year, at the end of which it may be renewed if necessary. If you plan on staying to study for more than three months, you must request a cédula de extranjería (foreigner's identity card) at the Centros Facilitadores de Servicios Migratorios (immigration service centers) of Colombia.

In addition to the visa, it is important that you have traveler's insurance which offers medical assistance and emergency treatment coverage.

Upon arrival in Colombia you will find many possibilities for lodging. Some options include private student houses, furnished apartments, shared apartments and home-stays with local families.

In order to get around the country there are many transportation options at prices that will fit any budget.

If you need to exchange euros or U.S. dollars, go to a bank or to the money exchange offices you can find at airports and hotels. To exchange money you need to show your passport.